Alcoa Corporation Indigenous Peoples Statement


Alcoa has been a global leader in the aluminum industry for over 130 years. Our Values (Act with Integrity, Operate with Excellence and Care for People) provide the common framework for our decisions, actions and behaviors. Living our values requires us to meet the highest standards of corporate behavior in all aspects of business – in all regions of the world. We recognize and respect the diversity, cultures, customs and values of the Indigenous Peoples in communities where we operate and acknowledge their needs, concerns and aspirations regarding their heritage and traditions. The term Indigenous Peoples for Alcoa covers tribal peoples, first peoples, native people and aboriginal people. We acknowledge that our operations are located in areas where Indigenous Peoples have also existed and that, over the long history of our operations and through generations representing varying and increasing levels of cultural awareness, we have affected the rights and lives of those people in ways we might not fully appreciate or understand. Alcoa has had a variety of programs and initiatives that recognize Indigenous Peoples which have been largely driven by our operational locations. Today, we continue to engage in dialogue with some of these groups in an effort improve our current interactions and relationships.

Our Approach

We will continue to be honest and responsible in dealing with the communities, including Indigenous communities, where we operate and where we actively manage closed sites. We commit to developing a formal engagement approach aligned with the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) Position Statement on Indigenous Peoples and Mining. This program will underpin Alcoa’s framework for engaging with Indigenous Peoples with respect to new operations or major capital projects that are located on or near lands traditionally owned by or under customary use of Indigenous Peoples and which are likely to impact them.

(September 2019)